Kenwill Runs On Commitment

If you want a carrier that’s strong on commitment to ship soil, sand, gravel or hazardous material and get the job done right, you’ve come to the right place. Every Kenwill customer is treated as our #1.
We guarantee it

Kenwill is Committed to You.

Ask any Kenwill Customer. They’ll tell you that our service is the reason why they stay with us. 99% of our business is repeat or referral. Rather than put up with the delays, false promises or inexperience often associated with other carriers, our customer keep coming back to Kenwill Carriers time after time.

Quick One Hour Quotes.

Our quick service is evident in our quotes. Just a call. Our agents will answer right away –no machines. Within the hour, you’ll Get a Quote with the best price, backed by the industries superior service – and throughout the job our road agents will stay in constant contact with you – to immediately resolve issues that may arise. This is The Kenwill Advantage.

Moving Over $100 000 Tones A Month.

Kenwill’s core fleet of 25 Trucks and trailers , both steel and aluminum move over 100 000 tons a month. Our fleet is quickly expandable to a 120-unit capacity, for servicing throughout Ontario, Quebec, Michigan, New York., and other outlying areas. Our specialty is soil, sand, and gravel, but we’re fully certified to handle contaminated waste and many other materials. Our experience insures success.

Pros On the Road + Pros You Can Work With.

Kenwill’s drivers are trained and licensed not only as road and job site experts, but also as interactive professionals. You’re assured of reliable, problem-free service and most paramount- safety, both on the road, and at your site. Kenwill proudly strives to uphold our no accident reputation.

Since 1991, Kenwill has always treated our clients with respect and integrity.