The Kenwill Advantage

As a second generation southern Ontario based soil, sand and gravel hauling company, we pledge to deliver every load with excellence. We are renowned for continually growing genuine relationships with our new and existing customers. Through meticulous attention to detail, our entire staff is highly trained and deeply committed to every aspect of the job, always putting the customer first. Our team is our customer’s team. Kenwill Carriers is constantly evolving to exceed expectations in every operation with true industry leading methods.

We study the industry thoroughly for new ideas and areas of improvement. Kenwill Carriers is a professional company with an approachable code of ethics, always open to new opportunities. All the staff is dedicated to every load no matter how large or small, valuing our customers’ needs. Our job specific road agents uphold this Kenwill service advantage, guaranteeing it is second to none.

Destination Excellence!