About Our Company

Kenwill is a second-generation, privately-owned Canadian carrier company that transports in excess of one million tons of soil, sand and gravel each year. Since our early years as a one-man company in 1991, Kenwill has constantly expanding and adapting to industry demands. Now Kenwill employs over 30 full time professionals and many more partners. Without a doubt, our commitment to excellent service is the reason why we have grown so rapidly over the years. Some of the major milestones along the way have been:

  • Kenwill won the contract to transport building materials for the expansion of the Pearson Airport from 1999 to 2001.
  • In 1996, Kenwill won the contract to transport all soil, sand and gravel for the Metropolitan Convention Center. Over 700,000 tons of material were moved from that site without incident and with the schedule met.
  • Kenwill is and has been the carrier of choice for many industry leaders. 7 trucks servicing the demanding Hamilton steel mills daily!

  • A new level of service and quality control at Kenwill with the construction of our state of the art maintenance facility.
  • The implementation of our standard Kenwill advantage policy, putting road agents in constant interaction with the fleet, jobsites and customers.

In the words of our President and Chief Executive Officer: "Our accomplishments are directly attributable to the quality of our employees. Thanks to their understanding of our business and our customers’ business, we have developed many long-standing customer relationships – which is proof positive that excellent people providing excellent service will always be a winning combination for Kenwill”.